We are proud to contribute to the development of more environmentally friendly transports by installing new EV charging stations.

Tesla Destination Charger Lake Annecy

As part of our collaboration with Tesla in the Destination Charging program, 2 Tesla 7KW charging stations are installed on the pitch of a Mobil-home Premium for 4 people and on a Cottage for 6 people.
Access is by reservation of one of the 2 accommodations concerned, within the limits of our availability. Charging is free.

Recharge Destination Tesla Lac Annecy
 We have also installed a charging station for the simultaneous recharging of 2 electric vehicles:
  • 7KW single phase T2 plug
  • 11KW three-phase T2 plug
borne recharge VE Annecy Charging is free for the campsite's guests and people having a treatment at our Wellness Salon.